The Idea

Our idea is to focus on overconsumption and coping opportunities with it, using moderate environmental resources. Here we will focus on building thinking about living in harmony with nature, developing in parallel a wide range of practical and theoretical skills and tools. In this regard, one of the main directions in which we will focus our work with young people from different countries, will be sustainable agriculture / permaculture /, as a way to change personal worldview to a deeper understanding and respect for nature, animals, plants and people, which in turn to engender a desire to preserve nature as our home and find our place in it.

Objectives of the activities are:

* Understanding and affirming the principles of sustainable agriculture among young people;
* Develop and disseminate a comprehensive vision for the ecocentric model of education and attitude towards the environment;
* Promotion of permaculture as an alternative way of life, as opposed to urban consumer society;
* Creation of a working eco center in the village of Mindya, municipality. Veliko Tarnovo, as an opportunity for realization and promotion of ecological ideas and cultural events among young people and the local community;

* Development of practical skills in young people – volunteers and representatives of the local community;

* Promotion of the European Solidarity Corps program for young people from the local community and in particular short-term volunteer projects;
* Establishment of an international network of organizations working in the field of ecology and sustainability development and agriculture;

The involvement of volunteers from various European countries

as well as from Bulgaria will help the spread of a new vision for the environment and when everyone goes home to their own country or place of residence and face the challenges of everyday life, to be able to transfer the acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding the more ecological and “green” thinking and action. The inclusion of young people from different places who will bring their experience, history, knowledge in the field of the activity will help to build a more complete picture of what challenges we face we as members of modern society with regard to the increasingly intrusive consumerist way of thinking, climate change, pollution, the use of non-renewable energy sources. No matter where we are in Europe or the world, global climate and environmental problems are facing us all the young people who will take over the management of life tomorrow.

Following our idea we gained 5000 m2 land near Mindya village, where we plan to make a big permaculture garden, open stage for concerts and other events, summer kitchen, tree park.