“Hack the climate” or how to take better care of forests and the environment around us

“Hack the climate” or how to take better care of forests and the environment around us

“Hack the climate” is another youth exchange that took place in the village of Mindya, Veliko Tarnovo municipality, carried out by the BRCC Association and financed by the ERASMUS + program. The project actually ends at the end of November, but the field activities took place in the period September 30 – October 7 and included 24 participants from four countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal and the exotic Curacao. During seven days, the participants worked on topics such as protecting forests from fires, making art from waste, how to live more sustainably, are we well aware of the essence of recycling. Of course, during the exchange many things were shared about the cultures of different countries, experience was shared on the topic of the project,

The goal of the youth exchange was to explore and raise awareness of environmental art among young people and forest fire prevention. To achieve this, the set goals of the project were:
1. Exploring the concept of environmental art;
2. Sharing knowledge and information about environmental challenges in our countries and finding their solution;
3. Promote the 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover;
4. Encouraging smart environmental behavior to avoid forest fires;
5. Creation of environmental art;
6. Raising awareness of the Erasmus+ program among young people.

The project helps create a holistic and committed society to reduce environmental impact and
climate change mitigation. Improved environmental conditions have an immediate effect on the well-being of young people. Ecological art, which was set as a theme, is not only a way to protect the environment, but also constitutes an element of green and circular economy. It creates employment for young people in the field of green entrepreneurship and green skills. All project activities were based entirely on non-formal education methods.

During the exchange, the young people socialized with some of the residents of the village of Mindya, and in the evening before its conclusion, an intercultural evening was held in one of the houses of the village.

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